What are

The term "Natureceuticals" is a blend of the English words „nature“ and „pharmaceutical.

Natureceuticals refers to skincare products with highly concentrated, biologically active ingredients of natural origin, effective at the molecular level.

These are natural skincare products powered by potent, next-generation Naturetech active ingredients, comparable in effectiveness to conventional cosmeceuticals with synthetic ingredients.

The molecular orientation allows for more effective utilization of active ingredients at the cellular and molecular level, thus delivering convincing results.

The natural active ingredient variations we use have been proven effective in substance studies. We only use them in GGs Natureceuticals when they deliver absolutely convincing results, with the aim of promoting skin beauty and skin health.

What Defines Authentic
Natureceuticals Cosmetics?

Natureceuticals contain optimally harmonized and higher-concentrated active ingredients than
traditional care products.

Our Goal:

To achieve lasting improvement for skin beauty & skin health.

The Difference.



Unlike products primarily focused on individual active ingredients, our skincare is based on a harmoniously balanced formulation of active ingredients. The carefully selected ingredients enhance each other's effects, leading to superior efficacy.

This synergistic effect allows for the improvement of skin structure, the maintenance of skin health, and the enhancement of the skin’s natural beauty.

The natural ingredients ensure effective care and compatibility that aligns with the philosophy of natural, sustainable, and responsible skin care.

What Matters.



In ouruncompromising formulations, we rely on intense concentrations and powerful ingredient combinations to achieve exceptional effects, without using a single drop of synthetic raw materials.

Our products are for those who truly want to make a long-term difference with their skincare. They are for those who are ready to move beyond ordinary wellness creams and trust in natural, scientifically backed skincare that delivers lasting results.

It's Worth It.

Why you should invest
in our products

Integrity and Quality
At GGs Natureceuticals, we commit to using only the finest, hand-picked, and 100% EcoCert, NATRUE, and COSMOS certified natural raw materials. We place great emphasis on short supply chains to minimize the ecological footprint of our products. Our priority in raw material sourcing is quality over quantity, and we select our ingredients with the utmost care. Furthermore, we focus on ingredients with proven efficacy to achieve the best skincare results. In fact, raw materials constitute up to 75% of our costs for selected formulations. With our products, you’re not just investing in attractive packaging, but primarily in exclusive, carefully chosen, and high-performance ingredients.

Optimal Ingredient Concentrations for Visible Results
Contrary to conventional approaches in the cosmetics industry, we focus on intensive concentration and optimal combination of our hand-selected ingredients. If science indicates that a minimum content of 0.1% is required for a specific result, you can be sure that our formulations contain a significantly higher percentage – as long as it makes sense and is both good and safe for the skin.

Our carefully selected active ingredients are not only known for their individual benefits but also enhance each other's effects when combined. This integrative and integrity-oriented approach allows us to develop formulations that are much more than the sum of their parts.

The integrity of our products is evident not only in the quality of the raw materials but also in how we use these active ingredients in our formulations. Our priority is to optimize the concentrations of active ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy and safety.

Efficient Use of Extracts
At GGs Natureceuticals, we aim for our formulations to achieve maximum results without relying on unnecessarily high proportions of marketing-driven ingredient lists. In our view, it is not sensible to use an extract complex consisting of up to 20 different plants while keeping the percentage in the formulation the same. We believe that a conscious selection and concentration of 1-5 high-quality extracts are more suitable for effective results. This approach allows us to
optimally utilize the benefits of each extract while ensuring the overall integrity and effectiveness of the formulation.


Nature has the answer, science the confirmation - GGs Natureceuticals.