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No Overproduction
Large international cosmetics companies often operate on the "Economies of Scale" principle.

This means: The larger the quantities produced in a single production step, the lower the cost per unit.

However, despite the use of synthetic preservatives and stabilizers, which can make products last up to 6 years, it's not guaranteed that the high number of products produced will actually be sold. This can lead to a significant portion eventually being disposed of. Regardless of how sustainable the ingredients or packaging are, this constitutes a waste of resources. As we regularly produce our products in small batches tailored to demand, we do not have to dispose of any products.

Since we regularly produce our products in small batches tailored to demand, we don't have to dispose of any products.


Our focus is on sustainable packaging and promotional materials made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable, in line with the circular economy.

The cartons of our product packaging are certified with the Blue Angel ( This guarantees that the paper fibers are made from 100% recycled paper. The use of chlorine, optical brighteners, or halogenated bleaching agents is also prohibited in their production.

The cardboard boxes are sourced from an integrative operation in our immediate vicinity. This benefits regional economic value creation and creates jobs for people with physical, psychological, or cognitive impairments.

Filling Material

The filling material used for shipping is made from plant starch. It can be disposed of in seconds by simply spraying it with water or burying it.

The search for sustainable packaging solutions is an ongoing process for us, in collaboration with suppliers, producers, and researchers. We continuously work on new, better solutions.